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Plastic Fabrication for the Pharmaceutical, Environmental and Industrial Sectors

Customised Solutions to Manufacturing Challenges

We perform all types of custom fabrication including:

  • Acid Resistance Plastic Process including:
  • Testing Tanks
  • Dipping Tanks & Trays
  • Baskets
  • Polycarbonate Process including:
  • Machine Parts
  • Precision Machine Guards
  • Precision Bending and Folding
  • High Impact Water Tight Bonding of Polycarbonate
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies including:
  • Reject Bins and Shutes
  • Plastic welding up to 20mm thick for heavy work
  • Sterile Trolleys
  • Bunds for Chemical Spillage Containment
  • Clean Room Work Tables
  • Signage including:
  • Health & Safety Signage
  • Company Logos Engraved on Work where Required
  • Polypropylene Process including:
  • Material thickness up to 100mm
  • Other Products:
  • Engineering and Design CAD / CAM Capabilities
  • CNC Machining